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Queer Moxie Comedy Show Flyer

Join us for the Queer Moxie Comedy Show on May 6th, 2016! Hosted by Julie Osborne with Bob Killough Caroline Schmitt, Brent Star, Ian Aber, Heather Provoncha and Leo Hollen Jr.

What is Queer Moxie? Queer Moxie is a film about the importance, evolution and joy of queer performance art.
Enter a world where expression is freedom and Queer is a state of mind.
Queer Moxie is a behind the scenes look into queer performance art from the fringe to the mainstream. By showing out and dreaming big, queer artists have entertained and inspired audiences, once not able to see themselves onstage. Featuring interviews, archival and performance footage, Queer Moxie presents a glimpse of those that have queered the stage and ignited social change. Check out Queer Moxie by clicking here!